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WENTEX String Curtain 3m width 6m Length Black

6m Length, Black
The Wentex String Curtain is a 100% Polyester curtain. It can be easily mounted by the attached 25 mm soft velcro strap. Because of the Velcro it also is compatible with Wentex pipe and drape system. They are available in 3, 4, 5, or 6m lengths and 3 colors, white, grey and black. The width is standard 3m. The String curtain can be cut at the preferred lenght using a household scissor without unraveling the strings.

All String curtains of are made of permanent flame retardant fabrics meeting the German standard DIN 4102-B1. Curtains can be washed while they keep the flame retardancy.

String Curtains are very suitable for decorative effects. They have a high transparency and are ideal to be illuminated to create stylish and impressive effects. String curtains are washable and are flame retardant according DIN 4102-B1 (IFR). They are made of 100% PES FR.
Projection surface
Light diffusing curtain
Velcro mounting
P&D compatible
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