DAP-Audio PA-250

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  • 250W
  • Loop through connection
  • RCA, XLR, Terminal input
  • 24V Back up power input
    The DAP PA-250 is a 250Watt, 100V plain amplifier. It is a reliable work horse that can be used for many applications. Inputs can be connected with terminals, balanced XKR or unbalanced RCA connectors. A loop through is available to connect external audio processing like equalizing enhancing or feedback killers. The PA-250 can extend a consisting DAP 100V PA system or used for mobile rental applications. It can also be combined with line mixers is a situation where 100V is an extension on a commercial audio installation.
    These amplifiers are designed for PA systems with applications such as announcement, intercommunication, background music and broadcasting in convention-halls, shopping centers, dining rooms, auditoriums and recreation areas. These desk top amplifiers have an integrated protective circuit to withstand overload or short-circuits of output. This results in very high reliability and easy installations without extra audio processors. It is a complete range from simple amplifiers till matrix amplifiers with built-in tuner and media player.

  • Artikelgewicht: 14,12 Kg

    Technische Daten

    Leistung: 250 W
    100 V & 8 Ohm: Terminals
    Loop-Through: RCA

    1x Line: RCA, XLR & Terminals

    Stromversorgung: 230 VAC
    Backup-Stromversorgung: DC 24 V
    Leistungsaufnahme: 500 W
    Netzanschluss: IEC
    Abmessungen: 483x326x88 mm (BxTxH)
    Gewicht: 12 kg


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