Antari - Schneefluid SL-5N (Antari)

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Antari - Schneefluid SL-5N (Antari)
The Antari snow liquids are high quality and environment friendly liquids. They are available in 4 different versions which can be chosen to achieve your desired effect for your application.

The SL-5 is a general snow liquid and takes longer time to get vaporized. Main applications are outdoor or places that you would like to accumulate snow. Because the SL-5 takes longer to get vaporized you can get a more slippery situation depending on the surface where it is used.

The SL-5N has similar properties as the SL-5. The main difference for the SL-5N is that it will create finer snowflakes.

The SL-5A is a premium and high vapory snow liquid, snowflakes will also disappear soon. It applies better for indoors or stages particularly where a snow scene is preferred or needed without leaving a thick snow layer on the floor. The SL-5A will also leave less residues and creates a less slippery surface.

The SL-5AN has similar properties as the SL-5A. The main difference for the SL-5AN is that it will create finer snowflakes.

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